Thursday, August 5, 2010

Alan Korwin: Gun Limits Lifted

As you are no doubt aware, Americans in Arizona are now enjoing expanded freedoms due to the fact that additional unconstitutional infringements of our right to bear arms were removed a week ago on July 29th when a number of new laws went into effect. Alan Korwin wrote an excellent article in celebration of our expanded freedoms, definitely worth reading.


Bob G. said...

Good for Alan, good for AZ, and good for YOU.

Excellent article.

Stay safe.

raj84 said...

Arizona, which has single-handedly rocked the national dialog on the immigration debate, has done it again — this time for guns.

On the same day that portions of Arizona’s controversial immigration bill SB1070 took effect, July 29, 2010, the Grand Canyon state implemented its new Constitutional Carry law.

Under this groundbreaking new act (SB1108), any law-abiding adult in the state — not just residents — can carry a firearm discreetly without a government permit or red tape.
A statewide billboard and advertising campaign launches this summer, promoting marksmanship, firearm training and responsible legal gun use for every person in Arizona.

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natdalton said...

I am glad to hear the laws have been changed. I know my boyfriend was pretty upset about this for awhile. He kept his aluminum gun case under his bed and was definitely not ready to give up! I am sure he is thrilled about this!

marko said...

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