Wednesday, March 3, 2010

McDonald vs Chicago

Yesterday was a big day for the Second Amendment at the Supreme Court, where justices heard arguments on both sides of the McDonald vs City of Chicago case on whether or not to incorporate the right to keep and bear arms to protect we the people against existing infringements by State and Local governments. A ruling on this Supreme Court case is expected by Late June or early July.

You can read the transcript and find additional information from, Arms & the Law, John Lott, and the Volokh Conspiracy. I'll add additional links below as I find them.

Below is a great report from Judge Napalitano with guest John Lott


AJ187 said...

Good stuff Dustin.

Dustin said...

Yes it is. It will be good to have a new tool to fight bad laws that infringe our rights.

Bob G. said...

I really have come to admire Judge "Andy"...he DOES know JACK!
(and is a STAUNCH supporter of our Constitution).

I also have to add Otis McDonald to my list of HEROES.
I know the type of neighborhood he lives in (mine is trying like hell to be similar).

I can't see this decision by SCOTUS being turned down.

Fundamnetally, we ALL have THE RIGHT to LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of HAPPINESS.
Mr. McDonald is plainly being DENIED such things (from our creator, no less) thanks to neighborhood thugs, and deserves to be allowed his RIGHT to the 2nd Amendment to protect his other RIGHTS.

Good post.

Dustin said...

Well said Bob. :)

Helmet said...

I remember this. This was a big thing, thank you for covering it Dustin. I can't stand how people want to change our constitutional rights. Next thing you know, they will jack up the prices on
ammo for sale, the way they have with cigarettes.

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