Tuesday, March 30, 2010

AZ: Constitutional Carry Passed in Senate - Next Stop: House

Watch the video archive. Check out the related NRA-ILA alert. Below details are from AZCDL:

First, the good news! SB 1108, the Senate version of the AzCDL-requested Constitutional Carry bill, passed in the Senate Third Read, by a 20-10 vote, on Monday, March 29, 2010. Your emails work!

From here, SB 1108 will be sent over to the House. Since the House has already voted for an identical bill, HB 2347, during their Committee of the Whole (COW) debate, we are expecting SB 1108 to be substituted for HB 2347 during the House Third Read. We are also expecting the House Third Read vote to be as early as [Wednesday, March 31, 2010]. This will be “the” final vote on Constitutional Carry to determine if it will be sent to the Governor!

AzCDL’s representatives are at the Capitol daily counting potential votes and talking to the undecided. However, what will determine the successful passage of SB 1108 are YOUR emails. Your letter, to send to your Representatives, has been prepared and is waiting for you at AzCDL’s Action Center:
http://capwiz.com/azcdl/issues/alert/?alertid=14824091 .

We would also appreciate it if you took the time to contact Senators Carolyn Allen, Steve Pierce, Rebecca Rios and Jay Tibshraeny and thank them for supporting SB 1108 during the Senate Third Read. They were 4 of the 5 Senators who supported the Cheuvront amendment that ended the progress of SB 1102, the original Senate Constitutional Carry bill. After receiving hundreds of your emails they voted for SB 1108. Please go to AzCDL Action Center and send these Senators a note of thanks:
http://capwiz.com/azcdl/issues/alert/?alertid=14879796 .

SB 1168, the Firearms Preemption bill, was also scheduled for a Senate Third Read vote on March 29th. However it was held pending a House vote on HB 2543, the House version of Firearms Preemption. During the House Third Read, also on March 29th, HB 2543 passed by a 36-21 vote with 3 Representatives not voting. It will soon be sent to the Senate and substituted for SB 1168 in an upcoming Senate Third Read. Like the situation with Constitutional Carry, this should be the final vote before sending the bill to the Governor.

Finally, HB 2307, the Firearms Freedom Act, also passed out of the Senate Third Read on March 29th by a 22-8 vote. From here it will go back to the House (a formality) before being sent to the Governor.

Stay tuned! When critical legislation moves, we will notify you via these Alerts.

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Robocop said...

If this bill becomes law in AZ, I hope other free states follow this example.

Dustin said...

Yes I'd love to see it spread like wildfire.

marko said...

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