Wednesday, February 18, 2009

UT: Parking Lot Storage Bill in Senate

SB 78 has passed out of committee with a favorable recomendation in the Utah Senate yesterday. You can listen to audio from the Senate Hearing. Check out the comments section of the SL Tribune story, as there are an inordinate number of Hoplophobes making & rating comments on the story. Take a moment to bring reason & balance to the debate.

You'll have to register with the Tribune to comment or rate comments, so use your spam e-mail account to do the registration. If you don't already have a spam account, sign up for a free spam account at gmail, yahoo, hotmail, lycos, your internet provider, or wherever you like. You could include spam in the username for your spam account - I find it fun to let anyone who is interested know that it's a spam account that you never actually read other than to respond to those required registration verifications.

Everyone needs a spam account. Normally you should not use your personal e-mail address to register for accounts online, as that's a guaranteed way to sign up for unsolicited e-mail. If you use your own personal e-mail address to register for something online, you might as well fill out a form saying "Please send me spam, I like it."

Also be sure to use a fake birthdate. I have a standard fake birthdate that I use for all online registration. The last thing I would want spread all over the internet is my real birthdate because your birthdate is an essential component for identity theft. Use a fake name as well, Super Man is a popular fake name, but you can use anything you like. Let your imagination run wild and have fun with it.


Anonymous said...

Dustin Who? What is your trade? Then I may know who you are.

Dustin said...

You might. I know many people. :) Send me an e-mail & I can tell you if I know you or not. My e-mail address is listed on the upper-right hand corner. :)

Justin said...

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