Friday, February 27, 2009

Allen Mueller: Illinoisans Deserve the Right to Self Defense

Mining Engineering graduate student Allen Mueller wrote an excellent guest column titled: Illinoisans Deserve the Right to Self Defense:

I was pleased to see coverage of the Family and Personal Protection Act, and would like to clear up some misinformation that routinely appears when discussing the topic of concealed carry.

SIUC Police director Todd Sigler said it’s one thing to shoot at a paper target. "It’s another to make judgment calls of life and death, and it’s hard to say how people are going to respond," Sigler said.

In a classroom shooting situation, it’s pretty easy to tell who a psychopath is. If someone is in your classroom methodically executing every single person he walks by, then maybe he’s the one who should be put down. Other campus crimes aren’t too difficult to identify either. If a female is being forced to the ground and having her clothes ripped off, it’s pretty easy for her to tell who the rapist is . . .

It’s strange the way Illinois works. Off-duty police can carry firearms to protect themselves, celebrities and political figures have armed bodyguards, and bank guards can carry firearms to protect their cash. Are the lives of “regular” citizens in Illinois not as valuable as police officers, politicians, or money?

Mueller is a graduate student in mining engineering.
Check out the full article.

Update 1: More on this topic from USA Today & WorldNetDaily.


Bob G. said...

You forgot to mention that ALL the criminals, thugs and gangstas ALSO carry (and all to often) USE firearms (illegal, but still effective).

Take a gander at what states and cites do not even allow "look-alike" weapons to be sold, and what cities won't permit the purchase & shipment of TASERS, Capsaisin, Batons, or even AMMO to "regular" law-abiding citizens.

Yet beneath all the MSM and legalese BS, there are commonalities that EVERY single one of these cities possess...if you'e willing to dig deep enough for the truth.

Good post.

Dustin said...

Very true. Take the guns from the law abiding citizens, and only the cops, body guards, bank guards, & criminals are armed. Just the way the criminals like it - lots of defenseless vulnerable victims waiting to be fleeced.

Anonymous said...

It is a sad state of affairs, especially since I live in this state. You would hate to think that people think like this, but by taking the guns away you are basically saying you'd rather see a woman raped and strangled with her own pantyhose than to see her with a gun.

Dustin said...

Sad state of affairs indeed.

Unknown said...

Hey, cool I just googled my name and this came up!

Thanks for posting my article, Dustin.

Dustin said...

You're welcome Allen, I enjoyed your article. :)

marko said...

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