Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Would Clinton actually go fight the terrorists with his so-called "Assault Weapon"?

Yesterday my boys & I went to a local gun range to do some shooting. Along with shooting our own guns we also used our yearly free rental of an MP5 submachine gun and all took turns shooting it which as always was a lot of fun. On our way home from the gun range we discussed politics as well as the differences between a true fully automatic assault rifle like an M16 used by military forces and the fake definition of a so-called "assault weapon" used in the now expired Clinton gun ban which is a term that continues to be misused by the media.

We also talked about how Bill Clinton had scaled back the military & closed quite a few military bases while he was President. One of my boys was so disgusted that he suggested that because Bill Clinton took away some of our freedoms & cut back our military he should go over to Iraq to fight some terrorists all by himself, and another went on to suggest that the only weapon he should be allowed to use would be a semi-automatic rifle with 2 or more of the defined "evil looking" features like a pistol grip as defined in his own expired assault weapons ban. We got quite a chuckle with the visualization of him being armed with a semi-automatic rifle trying to fight off a small group of terrorists armed with true fully automatic assault rifles. Perhaps if nothing else he would finally realize that there really is a difference between a semi-automatic rifle with a couple of "evil looking" features & a true fully automatic assault rifle.


Laughingdog said...

"our yearly free rental of an MP5 submachine gun"

Apparently, I live near the wrong gun ranges.

WL Emery said...

When I worked out west in South Dakota, I got the chance to shoot the venerable Tommy gun. I can now die a happy man.

I've never shot an MP5, but it looks like fun. What I cannot, for the life of me, understand is why the police are furnished with MP5s, M16s and other weapons capable of full auto fire, while it is considered unsafe for regular civilians to own or carry a similar weapon. Police are no better nor worse than the rest of the populace. In fact, my argument concerning firearms and the police is that any policeman should be able to out shoot me, personally, any day of the week without really trying. Most can't, and I'm not all that good.

Your comments about Clinton are well taken, with an exception or two. The U.S. military is far and away larger than it needs to be. We could cut our armed forces by half and still be in great shape. Unfortunately, such a cut would not lower our taxes, which would be the point of the exercise. The money would just be collected anyway and used to put out a fire somewhere.

Dustin said...

Mad Jack - I agree 100% that the Police should not be the "only ones" who are allowed to have full auto. I think the current setup of only being allowed to buy what is left of the old guns & even then only being able to if approved by ATF & after paying a $200 per item tax is a violation of the 2nd Amendment.

I also would be willing to agree that our military might be larger than needed, but I believe there are a lot of other places that need to be cut back before we look at the Military. Cut spending & all of the thousands of programs that the Feds should not be involved in, & cut taxes WAY back. Definitely get rid of the IRS & the current tax paycheck withholding system which is unconstitutional & allows Americans to be apathetic about that huge suction system that is siphoning away their hard earned dollars one paycheck at a time.

Anonymous said...

More guns, less Gun-Control.
More guns, less Vermin
More guns, less Politics
More guns, (see all 3 above)
Simple as that.

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