Friday, October 19, 2007

NSSF speaks out against Schwarzenegger

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has issued a press release letting the world know exactly what they think of Arnold's recent decision to sign into law the California microstamping & lead amo bills. I love the way they worded their response, I could not have said it better myself:

"Governor Schwarzenegger has now effectively banned more firearms than Senators Kennedy, Feinstein and Schumer combined," said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel. "The governor has proven to gun owners and sportsmen that he is just another liberal anti-gun Hollywood actor -- he just plays a moderate Republican on TV. Mr. Schwarzenegger has now exposed himself for what he really is, the most anti-gun and anti-sportsmen governor in America."

In my opinion this new law won't do much if anything to fight crime. The criminals just steal guns or buy them on the black market. If by some miracle they were to end up with a microstamping gun, they'll simply disable it as was shown to be very easy via independent research that proved the technology is easily defeated. Even if they were to not defeat it, how exactly would knowing who the gun was stolen from help to find the criminal?
Independent research also demonstrated that criminals will be able to remove the laser engraving in mere seconds using common household tools.
I also believe this new law increases the risk level for innocent Californians who can have their spent cases stolen from the floor of the local gun range & used by criminals to mislead investigators. An investigator finding your spent case with your fingerprints at the crime scene will easily track the cases back to you due to the serial # & your fingerprints will confirm that the spent cases were yours. Now you will suddenly find yourself in jail & it will be up to you to get an expensive lawyer to try to prove you are innocent.

There are many other details in their press release such as estimates of lost jobs & revenue due to reduced hunting when hunters go out of state to escape the lead ammo ban:
A ban on lead ammunition could cost 2,230 jobs, $15 million in state and federal income tax, $3.9 million per year in hunting license costs, $131 million a year in retail sales and $624,000 in federal excise tax money normally returned to California.
See full press release below for details:


Anonymous said...

There is a very simple answer to all of this: every Gun Manufacturer in the United States of America, for its own survival, must join Barrett Arms in banning the sale of Weapons to Law Enforcement in California.

Robocop said...

I strongly agree with the above. The problem with that great suggestion would be the foreign companies who would just ignore such a sales boycott in the name of the dollar. I am sure Heckler and Koch, FN, even Glock would be unphased with the unity of American gun makers.

Arnold's actions did not surprise me. Republicans like Pete Wilson, George Bush Sr., and don't forget Senator Chaffee forgot the meaning of the word Republican.

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