Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ben Avery Clay Target Center

This evening I took one of my boys out to the Arizona Game & Fish Ben Avery Clay Target Center. We went after dark but they have stadium style lighting so we had all the light needed to shoot at the clay birds. We had a wonderful time. I believe it is probably one of the top Clay Target ranges in the US.

They have shotguns that can be checked out for use while at the range at no additional charge (12, 20, or 410 in both youth & adult sizes). They even have ear & eye protection for anyone who needs it. There is no separate range fee. You can buy shotgun shells from them or bring your own. I purchased a smart card from them for $10 that I can charge with cash from my visa that is used by the automatic system for launching the clay birds. They have Trap, Skeet, and Sports Clays. An advantage to buying the smart card is that you can preload $90 or more at a time for a discounted rate on the clay birds.

My son & I shot around 150 shells at 150 clay birds between the two of us this evening launched from one of the many available trap ranges there (They also have excellent skeet & sporting clays ranges). He is becoming a very good shot and we both had a great time. We would have stayed longer but it was a school night so I decided I should get him home & to bed early enough that he won't be too tired for school in the morning.

I highly recommend the range for anyone who has not tried it. We love it, and it is one of our favorite places to go for an evening of fun.


Anonymous said...

We also love that clay target range. We have gone there many times & love it.

Andrei Erdoss said...

Make sure to leave a nice comment about this club here:

Justin said...

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