Thursday, August 11, 2011

Interview on Gun Laws in CA

Well done interview:

In the interview CA State Assemblyman Anthony Portantino mentioned that he wanted to remove the "loophole" in California that does not yet deny American Citizens the ability to bear unloaded firearms who have not yet been granted a piece of paper by a mighty Sheriff, yet he failed to mention the fact that Thousands of California Residents are DENIED said piece of paper every single year because they write down on their application that the reason they wish to apply is simply because they wish to be able to defend their own life or the life of their loved ones while they are away from their own homes. Not to mention those of us who visit from out of State who are not even eligible to apply for a permit, nor are our own permits recognized.

That's right, apparently in California in the mind of many lawmakers your life is worth LESS than diamonds or dollars. If you are protecting cash being deposited at the bank you can get a permit. If you are defending life and limb, forget it.

My message to Anthony Portantino and any lawmakers who agree with him: It is time to Go HOME!

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Mike W. said...

Ah, California, where the tiny bit of freedom still left is considered a "loophole"

Bodrie said...

Just because one person is comfortable with their weapon, doesn’t mean that that gives that person the right to infringe on the rights of other people who aren’t comfortable.

Since when is it a right to “not feel uncomfortable”. Is it a God given right? Is it a right guaranteed by the Constitution, or has Kalliforneeya given people this right? It is none of the above. People of Kalliforneeya do not have right to not feel uncomfortable or even to not feel intimidated. On the other hand, the Constitution tells me that I do have the right to bear arms, or in today’s lingo – open carry my firearm. It’s bad enough that Governor Reagan said that I can’t load it.

And no, I don’t need a gun to order a hamburger. But some thug behind me at the counter might see that I am carrying more money than him and decide that he should have it, and attack me for it. If he does that, I want to be able to protect myself. Further, if he also sees that I am carrying a weapon, he just might be “uncomfortable” enough to decide against the whole idea in the first place. What a concept.

I still say that if more people had been carrying weapons in Arizona in January, Jared Loughner might have been intimidated too and not gone through with his heinous plan.

A Gun Enthusiast Speaks

Braden Lynch said...

@Bodrie: Got it in one and knocked it out of the park.

I'm a resident (or is that a serf) of California where I need to beg permission for the right of self-defense in public. So, I'm getting ready to start the arduous process of getting a CCW license.

Given that this state is letting felons out in droves, how long it will be before we have violence like that in the UK riots.

It makes me hope that Assemblyman Portantino gets attacked by a thug so that he can determine how much he likes his own policies. What a tool!

Dustin said...

Well said everyone!

Braden Lynch said...

I put my money where my mouth (and keyboard) are, and just sent off a donation to the CRPA to give them support for legislative efforts against this and other wackadoodle proposed CA gun laws.

So hopefully this will put pressure on this "representative" and I use the term loosely.

Please remember to join a pro-gun organization and donate your time and money to the defense of our Second Amendment rights.

Braden Lynch said...

Well, our idiot governor Brown did go ahead and sign it. As others have suggested, perhaps some good can come out of this; if the CA courts recognize that CCW Shall Issue is needed since our options have been taken away.

ballisticbodyarmor said...

Handling a gun is a very heavy responsibility. I'd say those who are given the license to handle guns should be examined well before granted their privilege. If the safety of many will be endangered, wouldn't it be a bad thing?

Protect yourself. Wear ballistic body armor.

Josh said...

You know this is a real shame. I live in Pa where the state is mostly gun friendly and I could not imagine not being able to carry to protect myself and my family. I understand what the people in Ca are going through I have allot of family in NJ that can not get a carry permit.

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