Monday, December 6, 2010

Guns from Santa?

The NSSF has a good article you should check out if someone you love has told you that all he or she wants for Christmas is a new handgun, shotgun, or rifle.

Sounds like a great gift to find under the Christmas tree on Christmas Morning. Be sure to include eye & hearing protection, as well as training from your favorite instructor. The NRA has a list of NRA certified instructors Nationwide.


Bob G. said...

Now THAT is a MERRY CHRISTMAS...any way you load it...!

Have yourslves a MERRY CHRISTMAS, as well.
(because we CAN say it and believe it...that's why)

GUNS, GOD, COUNTRY, and CHRISTMAS...yeah, that about covers it nicely.

Stay safe.

Dustin said...

Well said!

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