Friday, October 8, 2010

Yes on Prop 109 to Protect Hunting & Fishing in Arizona

Animal Rights and Anti-hunting groups are attacking our right to hunt and fish in Arizona. Proposition 106 is our chance to stop them at the pass. The NRA-ILA has the details.

Update 1: The Arizona Game & Fish Commissioners have created a website with facts vs myths about Prop 109.

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Shawn said...

What about opposing 301?

It basically allows the state to raid land conservation funds. Over 120 million for conseravtion efforts. Which means there will be no more land conservation funds as they will probably take every penny. 109 is worthless if all the lands are closed.

Remember a while back some old lady died and she put in her will a lot of money to be put into the parks. Then the state took it and put it in there general fund.

Hell if I won the lottery I would probably do something like that to. After I create a crack team of lawyers and legal people to make sure the money goes where I wan't it.