Wednesday, July 14, 2010

AB 1934: Open Carry Ban in CA

California Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña claims that she introduced California AB 1934 to ban Open Carry of unloaded firearms because she believes Police Resources are being wasted due to "man with a gun" phone calls to the Police. Even if that were true, you can't infringe a constitutionally protected right just to save Police Resources. Imagine a ban on free speech on public sidewalks to prevent wasting the Police Resources often utilized for crowd control or traffic redirection.

Even so, one Californian decided to test Saldaña's theory by calling the Police on himself:


Gerald "Tink" Reaster said...

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Dustin said...

Anonymous: good point - I too no longer vote along party lines. I'll vote for anyone willing to cut spending, shrink government, and get rid of unconstitutional laws and government agencies - which is most of them.

Tink: Thanks for the info. I actually live in Arizona, but if I were closer I'd definitely be there with you!

Bob G. said...

That is one brilliant video!

Anon is correct.
You vote the PERSON...NOT the party.
It's all about who is QUALIFIED and has the best interest of ALL the people in mind, rooted in CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.

You take people in similar at a time, and based on their CHARACTER.

NO more "empty suits" in our politics!!!

Nice find, Dustin.

Anonymous said...

Can you say filing a false police report? Even if the information was factual, the insinuation was that a citizen observed ANOTHER citizen carrying a weapon. A court would rule that the call was dishonest and the man would see jail time if convicted.
Even if his methods are questionable, he did show that Saldana was full of it... but we already knew that.

Anonymous said...

You just wasted police resources. I hope that dispatcher couldn't have been a better use to someone else

Bushwack said...

Good job. To the morons that are talking about wasting resources...Are you concerned about the legislature wasting resources as well? How about them taking our rights? Are you a lacky for the Obama thugs? My god. This is why we have legislation like this, people can't HANDLE freedom anymore. They need to be controlled...MORONS!

While I really appreciate the effort to retain our R2C OPEN and UNLOADED in CALI. It's no where near enough. AZ has the only acceptable GUN law in the nation. Concealed carry NON-License NO PERMIT necessary. That's the 2nd in action and you are going to see a dramatic reduction in violent crime in AZ. Unfortunately you will begin to see a RISE in CALI Crime because just like the Illegal's it's coming HERE.

Eric said...

It would have been interisting to see what would have happened if the caller had described himself as black or hispanic rather than a "white male".
The true test of the ability to legally open carry is that it apply to all law abiding citizens.

Anonymous said...

UNLOADED open carry? Where I come from that would be considered just plain foolish if not outright dangerous. But, hey, I understand the left coast is all about apperances.

Somewhere in Texas

Dustin said...

Coolerhead: Yep, California is the only state that only allows open carry without a CCW permit of unloaded weapons. Texas on the other hand, doesn't allow ANY open carry, or even printing, - with or without a CCW permit.

I've never quite understood how Texas could prohibit open carry. You'd think Texas would be like Alaska, Vermont, and Arizona where we have Constitutional Carry - in these States the 2nd Amendment is the only "permit" required to bear arms, loaded, either openly or concealed.

Ammo said...

I supported this amendment to ban open carry of unloaded
Guns and firearms.