Thursday, May 20, 2010

Free Ben Avery Shooting Classes

Ben Avery has a host of free introductory shooting classes. One of their programs, Desert Roses, is a clay target shotgun class exclusively for women. I have a friend who has attended a number of the Desert Roses classes and really enjoyed them. As an added bonus, the Ben Avery Clay Target Center is world class. AZCentral recently wrote an article about the Desert Roses program, and below is an embedded video about the Desert Roses program aired on Fox 10 news.

My boys and I LOVE the Ben Avery sporting clays courses. Sporting Clays is a bit like golf for shotguns, only much more fun than plain old golf. You walk from one target stand to the next, each with a unique method of throwing the clay targets. One of our favorite stops along the course is the bunny rabbit stand - a clay target bounces along the ground, simulating a bunny rabbit on the run. It is so much fun to hit that orange rascally rabbit and watch it explode. If you don't yet own a shotgun, they have a limited number of free shotgun loaners available, and additional shotguns are available for rent if their free loaners are all in use. You really have to try it to find out for yourself how much fun you've been missing!


ApplyforloansUS said...

I think gun safty should be mandatory to all first time gun owners.

Bob G. said...

Ah, the things I miss out on while living in the blighted section of a Midwest city like Fort Wayne...(sighs)
I didn't know this until the missus told me, but decades ago, this city actually had SHOOTING COURSES in the local high schools (that beats what we had in Philly - had to go to an indoor gun range down on Keystone St. to shoot)!

All that just went away here when more minorities moved into town...wonder why?

Couldnt have been the rise in crime...NAH!

Good post.

Dustin said...

Applyguy: If gun safety should be mandatory for first time gun owners, libel education should be mandatory for all first time uses of our freedom of speech.

Neither idea is any good, and both would be a violation of the protections of our freedom that are built into the bill of rights in the US constitution.

Training is a good idea, but mandatory training is a bad idea.

Dustin said...

Bob: those were good times indeed. My grandpa and dad used to bring their rifles to school and store them in their car or locker so they could go hunting after school. Interesting to note that we didn't have any mass shootings at schools until so-called "gun free zones" were created.

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