Tuesday, December 1, 2009

iPhone/iTouch App: Legal Heat

A nice addition to the online CCW travel tools that I've mentioned in the past is the new iPhone/iTouch application: Legal Heat. The Legal Heat application is a State by State CCW travel guide to Concealed Carry gun laws, including critical information such as prohibited areas & reciprocity.

I just placed the app on my iPhone today and it is rather handy to have at my fingertips. You can learn more about the app on iTunes, facebook, or the Legal Heat website.

Update: Now includes Open Carry Laws in addition to Concealed Carry Laws.


Phil said...

Thanks for the promo. I've already submitted the updates to our developer, so they should be available sometime in the next week. ANY changes or suggestions to make the app better are very welcome on our site. Thanks!

Armed Citizen said...

Awesome, this I have to get! More gun apps please!

Dustin said...

Phil: You're welcome, keep up the great work. :)

Armed Citizen: I agree, the more apps the better. Also check out the Gun Rights App

Justin said...

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