Monday, November 2, 2009

Flawed Study on Guns

David Codrea & Eric Puryear explain a few of the fatal errors in a flawed Study on guns. Another gaping hole in the study that occurs to me is that it only looked at incidents where a gun was fired - often by one criminal at another criminal in gang related incidents. Legitimate Studies have shown that 98% of self defense uses of a gun by law abiding citizens take place where the gun owner doesn't have to fire a single shot - simply aiming their weapon at the thug was enough to stop the attack. By leaving out the single largest portion of self defense uses of a gun the study shot itself in the foot.


Bob G. said...

ROFLMAO on the "footshot".
SO appropriate.

Dustin said...

Thanks :)

Unknown said...

Here's a funny music video making fun of "gun free zones from sea to sea." The vision of "New America" according to progressives, who hate the NRA:

Paulo said...

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