Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Teacher fighting for her right of self protection

A teacher in fear for her life from her x-husband is being denied her second amendment rights to carry a concealed weapon for her own self defense even though she has a valid CCW permit. What is she supposed to do, walk around defenseless & hope that she won't be attacked while she is away from her home, or that the Police could come & save her before any harm is done? The more Mr Moran opens his mouth, the more he proves that he has a lot to learn. How exactly did this guy become Chairman of a School Board? Just a few of his statements & my response to them:

1) "You can be an undiagnosed psychotic or you could be a criminal, a serial killer even, who just hasn't been caught and you can come onto our property with a concealed weapon and we can't do much about it," Moran said.

What, are psycho's going to decide not to bring their gun onto campus because of a "gun free zone"? How many times has that been proven to be false? Has everyone already forgotten about VT or Columbine that took place in so-called "gun free zones"?

2) "It's a loophole kind of a thing really," said School Board Chairman Mike Moran, a retired lieutenant with the Medford Police Department. "If they have a concealed weapons permit it seems to grant a privilege that I don't think the Legislature intended."

He might as well be calling his legislators moron's because that is the only way they could "accidentally" add the CCW exception as an "unintentional" loophole.

3) Paraphrased: closing the "CCW loophole" needs to happen ASAP to make schools "safer"

Has he not heard of VT or Columbine? How does forcing all teachers to be defenseless sheep make them & our children safe from criminals? It's ok to guard our money in Banks with armed guards, but the defense of our most valuable asset - our children - is left up to the speed of responding police after a 911 call? If that works so well, why don't all Banks do that?

4) "But where we have our most vulnerable and valuable treasures, in our public schools, there is not a willingness as this point, or clear direction from our Legislature, valuing the security of our children."

Actually there is clear direction from your legislature, Mr Moran - you're either incapable of understanding it, or you're a liar. The clear direction from the Oregon Legislature is to allow valid CCW permit holders to have the ability to protect themselves & our most valuable asset - our children. Perhaps Mr Moran should hire a 5th grader from the television show "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" to help him understand Oregon law, as he either is NOT smarter than a 5th grader, or is simply not as honest. Every single mass school shooting has been in a "gun free zone" - even Utah, one of the few other states that currently allows teachers to carry concealed in public schools has only had a mass shooting in one of its few gun free zones - a privately owned mall that was posted as no weapons allowed. Lucky for the shoppers that day there was one person there who had ignored the "no guns allowed" sign & was able to stop the madman before he was able to finish his intended rampage.

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Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. How dare the school administrators try to take away her 2nd amendment rights! What would they do if she were attacked by her x-husband? Send flowers to the funeral?

Anonymous said...

Also note that the School District is violating the Oregon State law by prohibiting her from concealed carry, as the Oregon State Law specifies that she can, and that the State Law over-rides any county, city, or district laws. Can we trust an institution that violates the law so blatantly to competently teach our children?

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