Wednesday, November 16, 2011

John R Lott Jr on HR 822

John R. Lott Jr posted a great article about HR 822 titled "What's Wrong With Making It Easier to Carry a Gun Across State Lines?"

Take a look at HR 822, it is straight forward, essentially similar to existing Federal law that tells States that they must recognize drivers licenses issued by other States. HR 822 tells States that if they issue concealed carry permits, they must recognize concealed carry permits issued by other States. It is only a few paragraphs long, and is so simple that even my 5th grader understandood it. Really. I had him read it and explain it to verify my theory.


Jerry said...

My fear is that it will somehow become a federal list of all people with handguns for self defense.

Such a list could then become a search and sieze for someone like B. Boxer et al.

Marty said...

What I don't see in HR 822 is any condition that would allow states the right to specify the ccw licensing requirements must be essentially the same. This could cause some arguments about state's rights when state "A" requires more training on how to carry concealed weapons than state "B" does, for example, or when 1 state allows permits for anyone who reaches 18 yet another state requires they be 21.

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