Sunday, May 22, 2011

So much for the city of Brotherly Love

Perhaps they should rename Philadelphia the city of we hate law abiding gun owners. It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but it does fit the stated policy of the Philadelphia PD.

They plan to assume that all people who carry openly are common criminals until proven otherwise rather than the other way around. Why not take the current activity or demeanor of the law abiding citizen into consideration? How many common criminals have you ever heard of that even bother to use holsters much less carry a gun openly? Why not use common sense? It is evident to me that there is not much common sense nor brotherly love coming from the Top Brass of the Philadelphia PD.

Listen to the full details on what happened to Mark Fiorino. Here is part two of the story. Here is the audio of the full incident - be aware that the officer uses a lot of inappropriate language, so do not listen to this with any children in the room. Instead of an apology, the Philadelphia PD says to expect more of the same. Reprehensible. Disgusting. The top Brass at the Philadelphia PD should be ashamed of themselves.

H/T to Mark Walters who will be discussing this story this afternoon on Armed American Radio - don't miss it, always a great program.


Cody said...

The way that people who carry guns are treated by law enforcement disgusts me. I know the importance of safety and that is why I carry. Law enforcement is not to be trusted with my life. I am.

Plumbing said...

For me its just practical action to bring guns. But everything has a limit. Even the exposure of your gun might brought you into trouble.

party bags said...

In the United States they regulate the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition. I think this will help in the orderliness and peacefulness of the city.

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Double Glazing said...

I am not convinced that people should be carrying guns. Just let the police have the license to have those guns. It might be the cause of trouble in the streets. It's very dangerous.

Bob G. said...

It's like they always say:
"When SECONDS count, the police are MINUTES away"

ANd THAT is why law-abiding people PREFER to carry a firearm.
It "levels the playing field".

Stay safe.

alarm systems chandler said...

Im glad for the unity that happened that day.