Wednesday, July 2, 2008

AZ: City of Phoenix Wasted $10,000.00 on Gun Buyback

Yet another example of wasted taxpayer dollars to fund a Phoenix Arizona gun buyback this past Saturday. $10,000.00 wasted to give away $100 grocery cards for 100 turned in guns. I bet a lot of folks turned in broken guns worth only $5 as scrap metal to get the $100 grocery card. They then could use the $100 they didn't have to spend on groceries to go towards purchasing a brand new gun.

"Ralph Dominguez turned in a rifle so old that officers questioned whether it still (functioned) anymore."


Eric Shelton said...

Is it too late? LOL. I have an old $35 hunk of broken junk I'd part with. Suckers!

It makes me a little sad to hear that, 'cuz I thought down here in Tucson we had the liberal stupidity market cornered. I actually wanted to move up to Phoenix to be in a more politically conservative atmosphere... -sigh-

marko said...

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