Friday, January 2, 2009

Xavier Thoughts: An Encounter At Wal-Mart

Xavier Thoughts: An Encounter At Wal-Mart

. . . I glanced back and saw that the two young men had spread apart, one on either side of us and to the rear. That is when I felt it. They had matched my stride and were circling me. Like an antelope, I knew I was being stalked by jackals, only I did not know why. Time was accelerating at head pounding speed, and Little Darling, blissfully unaware, was along for the ride . . .
An excellent example of situational awareness. I had missed this old post from Xavier, H/T to Tim from USCCA for sending me the link.


High Power Rocketry said...

: ) said... just never know man! Thanks for posting that, it was a good read.

Dustin said...

You're welcome :)

Bob G. said...

A potentially BAD situation averted by ONE MAN with a LEGAL GUN...
Wonder if the Brady Institute got wind of this?
(they should)

Kudos to one person that had the balls to make a decision, and make a difference.

Today, it's ALL about situational awareness!