Thursday, September 11, 2008

NY: Bank Robberies Up - NYPD Blames the Banks

New York Bank Robberies are up and the NYPD blames the banks. While the banks certainly could do more such as utilizing bulletproof glass for the tellers (and not banning their employees from carrying guns for their own protection), I personally feel the primary responsibility falls to the bank robbers themselves. They are after all the folks performing the illegal act of robbing a bank. Some blame could also go to our revolving door penal system that places thugs back on the streets after a short stint behind bars so that they can resume their career in crime.

Bank robberies are up 50% this year, and the NYPD says it's the banks' fault, the Daily News has learned. The number of bank jobs hit 265 by Sept. 2, compared with 177 by the same time last year.

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