Friday, February 1, 2008

Girls like the shooting sports also

The shooting sports are not just for guys. Girls like them too.

My wife loves to shoot too, and I’m sure my daughter will enjoy the shooting sports when she’s a bit older as well. The shooting sports are a lot of fun, and can be enjoyed by both girls & boys. It’s an equal opportunity sport.

H/T to Say Uncle, Countertop Chronicles, & Techyum.

You can find more info on current, myspace, or the official website: A Girl and A Gun.


Xavier said...


Anonymous said...

That is just to great!

I wonder who taught the pistol shooters to lock the elbow? Hope they get some better instruction before higher calibers.

Unknown said...

Shooting is one most popular sports choice in boys and also in girls too. Many girls have a interest in shooting sports and they likes to choose it as their career.

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